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First Week Lesson Plans + Resources

One of my favorite parts of the new school year is setting up the classroom!  I love spending the time organizing, crafting, etc.  But I quickly learned that having the most adorable classroom does not make for a well run classroom!  It's the first days of school that set your year up for success!  I wanted to share with you my first week lessons plans because I know that it can sometimes be the hardest week to plan!
First Week Lesson Plans and Resources for 3rd Grade

Classroom Decorating Ideas

Are you ready?
Back to School season is upon us!
If I’m being honest...it’s not really a season for me.
I’ve been thinking about the new school year before last year even ended!
You can’t turn off a teacher brain!

The first thing I always start thinking about….whether or not I should...is how I want to set my classroom up.  I first start thinking logistics...I wrote a post on how I set up my entire classroom in 2 hours.

But then I move on to decor.  I go through phases every couple of years, I start to feel the urge to change.
Classroom Decorating themes and ideas with classroom pictures.

5 Tips for Making the Most of your Planning Time

Welcome back to part 3 of Plan Your Way to a Better School Year

If you missed the first two you can check them out here:

You might be thinking, Rachel, all this planning sounds great in theory, but how do I make it a reality?
I’m glad you asked!
5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Planning Time

How to do all your lesson planning at school

Welcome back to part 2 of Plan Your Way to a Better School Year

So now that you have your year planned….let’s tackle weekly planning!  How long does it take you to plan each week?  What if I told you that you can get your weekly planning accomplished at school without staying late?!
How to do all your weekly lesson planning at school

How Year Long Planning Can Save You Time

Are you a planner? As teachers we are required to be planners and to flexible with those plans all at the same time!  But do you ever feel like you just can’t seem to get a handle on all the planning you’re required to do?  This is exactly how I felt and planning usually comes natural to me!

How Year Long Planning Can Save You Time - Planning Your Way to a Better School Year - Free Template

One thing I’ve learned after 13 years of teaching, is that just because you know how to plan doesn’t mean you are planning effectively!  Most teachers are required to do weekly plans and even if you’re not, you still need to know what you’re going to teach!  What I realized is that planning needs to be systematic...a system of when to plan and how to make your planning time more effective.

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