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How to do all your lesson planning at school

Welcome back to part 2 of Plan Your Way to a Better School Year

So now that you have your year planned….let’s tackle weekly planning!  How long does it take you to plan each week?  What if I told you that you can get your weekly planning accomplished at school without staying late?!
How to do all your weekly lesson planning at school

How Year Long Planning Can Save You Time

Are you a planner? As teachers we are required to be planners and to flexible with those plans all at the same time!  But do you ever feel like you just can’t seem to get a handle on all the planning you’re required to do?  This is exactly how I felt and planning usually comes natural to me!

How Year Long Planning Can Save You Time - Planning Your Way to a Better School Year - Free Template

One thing I’ve learned after 13 years of teaching, is that just because you know how to plan doesn’t mean you are planning effectively!  Most teachers are required to do weekly plans and even if you’re not, you still need to know what you’re going to teach!  What I realized is that planning needs to be systematic...a system of when to plan and how to make your planning time more effective.

4 Ways to Increase Student Engagement

Trying to keep a classroom full of 25 third graders fully engaged in your lessons can be challenging!  I'm also pretty certain that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter each year! Over the years, I've learned a few student engagement tips and tricks to use in your classroom!
4 Ways to increase student engagement for elementary classroom

Can I be honest...none of these student engagement ideas are full proof.  There will come a time when students will get "used to it."  So you'll just need to switch it up.  The idea will still be there...you'll just change the game, words, or activity.

It's a New Year

Happy New Year Friends!
I hope you've enjoyed your holiday and are ready to take on 2017!

I wanted to share with you a post I wrote last year about Celebrating the New Year in the classroom!  It's how I plan on welcoming my students back this week!

You may have noticed some changes recently happening on the blog here.  I've updated the look a little and I've officially opened the Free Resource Library!
You can read more about it by clicking Free Resource Library.  
I am adding new printables each month!

I'm still designing blogs and if you're looking to get a new design for 2017, 
I have openings available!  

But if you're wanting to learn a new skills and take your designing into your own hands, I have just launched my first ecourse on how to design your own blog!

Finally, I want to say how grateful I am that you choose to follow me on this journey! You inspire me everyday to keep creating and designing!  Here's to a wonderful 2017!!

20 Elf on the Shelf for the Classroom Ideas

Ways to use the Elf on the Shelf in the classroom with 20 ideas plus editable letters from Santa and the elf
There's always a big question of if you should have an Elf on the Shelf in your classroom or not...and I always say yes!!  It such a magical time of the year and I love being apart of it!  Now I completely understand if you are unable to because of the different backgrounds and traditions of your students!  There are other options like a Moose on the Loose!  It's the same concept but with a stuffed moose and it has nothing to do with Christmas!  I put together all my the different shenanigans that have happened in my classroom over the last several years to help you make the most of your elf!
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