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Hiya friends!
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Anyway... today is officially my last day of summer!!
Bottom lip is sticking out for sure!
Although I'm going to miss staying up way to late and sleeping in,
I'm SUPER excited about this year!
I can't wait to meet all my sweet 3rd graders 
and start my adventure at my new school!

Today I'm joining Tammy from The Owl Teacher for a fun blog hop!
Stick with me till the bottom because there's a freebie and a fun giveaway!

I did Saving Fred for the first time last year and it has to be one of my favorite activities!! 

The kiddos loved it and I loved that in reinforce working together!

Each group gets a cup, gummy worm, and life saver. 
Each student gets a paperclip.

Students work together as a team to put the life preserver (gummy lifesaver) 
on Fred (gummy worm using only paper clips.
Fred has capsized his boat (cup) and cannot swim.
His life preserver is under the boat.


Make sure you have extra gummy worms and lifesavers. 

The kiddos wanted to eat Fred and his life preserver when we finished.
And well...hands - germs - gross!
So I gave them clean ones to eat!

I've done this activity for the past three years and it really helps students understand this concept.

Have students think of a time they got hurt in their life, 

and share it with the class... 
but no matter where they got hurt, or to what extreme, 
give them a band-aid on their elbow.
"I flipped over my handlebars and scraped up my face." 
"Oh no! You're face? That's terrible! Well, let me see your elbow!" 
{apply band-aid}
After everyone has a band-aid, ask the students who had a "hurt” that the band-aid would have actually helped to come up to the front of the room. 
Ask the class if the band-aid I gave the others helped. 
Of course, they said no. 
Then ask, well what if I gave everyone the same activity to do, 
even if they didn't need the practice, or the help? 
They said that wouldn't be good!! 
I told them if they asked me why so-and-so was doing this activity 
but they had to do that activity, 
I would tell them to let me see their elbow.

Take the band-aids out of the wrapper ahead of time.
Trust me, it will save you time during this lesson!

First I read the book Mr. Peabody's Apples.

It's a great story about how quickly rumors spread.

Then give students toothpaste and a paper plate.
Students work as in partners to squeeze out the toothpaste as fast as they can.
Then give students toothpicks to try to put the toothpaste back in the tube. 
Start a classroom discussion about how words come easily out of your mouth, 
but you can't put them back.
The best part about this activity is that your room will smell minty fresh when you're finished!
Buy travel size toothpaste!

Here are some FREE super cute desk name tags 
in what was going to be my new classroom colors!
But that's a whole other blog post!
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This is my favorite thing I use the first week of school!
It's the powerpoint file that I have up and use it all day long to teach procedures and keep me on track with my activities and read alouds!
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  1. This looks like such a fun activity, Rachel! Have a great first day back tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for sharing some fun pics of great activities!

    Teaching Autism

  3. I think I am going to have to do Saving Fred. I have seen it on several different blog posts. I also really like the band aid idea. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I'm doing the toothpaste one this year. I'm going to get toothpaste today. Thanks for the reminder, love! Happy back to school for you!! I have one more extra day. I go back Tuesday. xox
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. Three awesome activities! These sound like good learning lessons and lots of fun for back to school!

  6. These are great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing...especially like Saving Fred.


  7. Fun post! I really like the band aid idea for helping students understand differentiation, I could definitely use that!

  8. Love the Capsized Fred team building activity!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Sarah :)

  9. Great post! Fun team building activities! Thank you for sharing! :D
    Tales from a Very Busy Teacher


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