Let's Talk Bulletin Boards!

Happy Sunday Friends!!
I hope you are enjoying your first weekend of August!
I am linking up with two of my favorite second grade teachers:
Or as I like to call them #angley

So unfortunately, I just moved into my classroom yesterday.
Which means I don't have any bulletin boards ready!
So I will show you some of my boards from years past.
And a few I fell in love with on Pinterest!
 The first advice I can give about bulletin boards is to 
make your letters big or unique!
Above I put Dollar Tree letters on paper plates!
It was super easy and made the letters pop!!
Below I used the font KG A Little Swag to make banners!  
I think I printed 3 letters per page, 
but next time I would probably do one letter per page.
 I love this bulletin board from Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching!
Big letters!!
And it also includes my next bit of advice.
Make your boards 3D!!
This was my classroom door my 4th year of teaching.
This was so long ago that I originally posted it on Proteacher.net
Anybody remember that site?
Way back before teacher blogs!
I just hot glued flip flops on the door that I picked up at the Dollar Tree!
 The following year I hot glued sunglasses to the door!
 When I moved to 3rd grade 4 years later, 
I brought it back because it was so popular!
Here are some more 3D ideas from Pinterest.
I love the paper lanterns as hot air balloons.
And cotton balls as clouds!
This is another 3D hot air balloon and clouds just made from paper!
Teaching 4th with Kelly B had students write haiku poems on the basket!
Anytime you can get the kiddos involved in bulletin boards, is the best!
 Of course the final advice is to layer your bulletin borders!!!
I learned this tip from the fabulous Melanie at Schoolgirl Style!
2 or 3 or more layers!
It doesn't matter just layer those borders!!
If you're looking for more bulletin board inspiration,
check out the link up!


  1. I love your letters on paper plates. They really pop! I haven't done my bulletin boards yet, so these ideas have started my wheels turning.
    Thank you!

    Fit to be Fourth

  2. Super cute ideas!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Your bulletin boards are fabulous! Thank you for sharing these awesome tips.

  4. Oh my goodness your boards are so cute! I really like the paper plate idea, it really makes the letters stand out!

    The Cutesy Teacher

  5. I LOVE your flip flop idea!! That's so clever and different, I pinned it! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    The Whimsical Teacher

  6. Thanks for sharing your ideas, they are wonderful! What did you use to make the baskets on the hot air balloons?


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