Enjoying December in the Classroom

Many teachers dread this time of the year in the classroom.
Kids behavior tends to be a little more crazy.
Home and school schedules are out of whack!
And everyone is just busy, Busy, BUSY!
Here's how I survive enjoy December in the classroom!

Embrace the CRAZY!!
You know the saying, "if you can't beat them, join them!"
Well that's exactly what I do with my Countdown to Christmas Break!
I've done this for the past 4 years and it's one of my favorite things.
The best part is you can make it as simple as or as complex as you want!
The first thing I do is look at my December calendar.
I always plan the easier activities on the busier days.
Once I figured out what days I am doing what I activities,
I print out the cards and numbers.
After assembling, I post in the classroom and I'm ready to go.
Each morning, we turn over a card and usually do the activity that afternoon.
Sometimes, the activity needs to be done earlier, but that's the beauty of this countdown!
It's flexible to fit your classroom needs!
And to make your life even more easier...
I have the countdown for FREE in my resource library!!
I have a Winter version, for my non-Christmas friends!

What do you do to survive December?

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