C. Jayne Teach

Being a teacher means I have a deep, deep love for all things office/school supplies!!
I could spend hours in an office store!
I love it all!
When I came across the opportunity to shop C. Jayne Teach...my heart skipped a beat!
Chandra is a teacher herself, and makes amazing products!

Her brand new C. Jayne Shop just reopened a few weeks ago with her 
newly updated Teacher Anchor and product line!
I was more than happy to get my hands on this super cute, personalized notebook and folder!
Her products are high quality and will be a perfect addition to my desk area in my classroom!
I'm planning on using the notebook to take with me to all my different meetings!  
And the folder will be a place to keep important documents that don't quite fit anywhere else!
Be sure to check out C. Jayne Teach on Instagram (@cjayneteach),
Facebook, or sign up for her newsletter!

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