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5 Tips to Help With All the Grading

5 tips to help you stay on top of your grading

5 Tips to Help You Stay on Top of Your Grading

1. Grade As You Go

One thing to help keep on top of your grading is to grade as students turn in their work.  Now sometimes, this is impossible because you may be working with students or administering orally depending on accommodations.  But if you can, grade the assignment as soon as the student turns in the work.  This allows you and the student to see immediately how things are going.

2. Grade One Page at a Time

When grading a multi-page assignment, grade every students' page 1 and then move on to page 2.  (Especially if it's multiple choice!) It makes grading so much quicker!

3. Don't Grade Everything

Unless your district requires it, you do not have to grade every single thing your student does.  Often times, you just want to see how students are understanding a concept.  Which means you don't have to formally grade an assignment in order to see their progress.

4. Do More Informal Grading

This kind of goes with the last tip.  Use whiteboards to quickly assess students' understanding of a concept instead of actually grading a whole assignment.

5. Grade Only a Couple of Questions

If you must give a written assessment, try grading only a couple of the problems.  This works really well for math.  If you're just trying to see if students can add or multiple, you can tell by just grading a few problems without having to grade all of the problems on the page.

BONUS TIP: File 13

When all else fails, put those papers in File 13 (aka the recycling bin!) You can always toss them in your teaching neighbor's bin so your students don't see!  I won't tell! :) 

First Week Lesson Plans + Resources

One of my favorite parts of the new school year is setting up the classroom!  I love spending the time organizing, crafting, etc.  But I quickly learned that having the most adorable classroom does not make for a well run classroom!  It's the first days of school that set your year up for success!  I wanted to share with you my first week lessons plans because I know that it can sometimes be the hardest week to plan!
First Week Lesson Plans and Resources for 3rd Grade

Classroom Decorating Ideas

Are you ready?
Back to School season is upon us!
If I’m being honest...it’s not really a season for me.
I’ve been thinking about the new school year before last year even ended!
You can’t turn off a teacher brain!

The first thing I always start thinking about….whether or not I should...is how I want to set my classroom up.  I first start thinking logistics...I wrote a post on how I set up my entire classroom in 2 hours.

But then I move on to decor.  I go through phases every couple of years, I start to feel the urge to change.
Classroom Decorating themes and ideas with classroom pictures.

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