It's a Blog Eat Blog World

Well, I'm finally here...adding my two cents (which honestly isn't much!) to Blog Land!  AHHH!  It's a bit exciting and scary all at the same time!!

It all started about a year and half ago when I stumbled across this lovely blog! 
 I found Chris's blog through a teacher chat board.  HERE is the first post I ever read!!  Once there I fell in love with her and decided I would read every. single. post. she. ever. wrote. took me a couple days but I did it and I haven't looked back!

I have stalked browsed many, many blogs and finally decided I would join thier land.  So here I am!! I know, I think, I hope someone will find my little ol' life interesting!

Stay tuned... 



  1. I am so great you decided to start a blog. I clicked on your link from your facebook post!! You will definitely love. And you will be surprised about how many people you bless and touch through your blog!!

    Happy Blogging!!!


  2. Well, welcome to blogland from another SC blogger (not too far away, just up the big road in Florence). I am your newest follower!


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