Office Makeover...well, sort of

Ok, so really it's more like a desk makeover...but stay with me people.  I live in a one bedroom apartment so there isn't a whole lotta space.  There is only one place for me to have my desk and it happens to be in my bedroom...yuk!!  So moving past that...My goal this year is to decrapify declutter this little ole apartment and I had to start here!  The office...eerr...desk!

There's just so much stuff in such little space!

My #1 goal was to get rid of the crap stuff I no longer used or needed.
My #2 goal was to have as little as possible on top of the desk. (You know...less visual clutter)
And...I needed to deal with this problem...

That's the space between my desk and my Hope Chest.  So I bought this little beauty at Ross's.

A perfect fit!  Well, almost, I did have to slide the hope chest over.

Next issue was dealing with the filing cabinet
Top Drawer
 Middle Drawer
 Bottom Drawer
First step was to take everything out.
Then I separated things into piles....Trash, Donate, Needs Different Location, & Belongs in filing cabinet.

 After that, I cleaned the drawers and added shelf liner paper.
So much cuter!  Is that a word?  Cuter?  Or is it more cute? 
 Anyway...I digress....

Then I put the "keeps" back in the drawers organized and in cute baskets!
 The top drawer is rather small and can't hold baskets, so I've deemed it my bill paying drawer.  I keep my monthly budget, checkbook, check register notebook, bills, recepits, in here.
The middle drawer houses these cute baskets from Big Lots.  It holds notepads, markers& note cards, and the last one has tape (well an empty tape dispenser) and binder clips. Side note...I'll show you the bottom drawer with the files in a later post. **EDIT** You can check out the rest of the office makeover HERE

So where did all the other stuff go??
Funny you should ask...remember her?
The top basket holds envelopes, address book, and Print Master software.
 The middle one holds my electronics and the smaller basket has all my iPod accessories.
 The bottome basket holds blank cds, picture cds, and cd sleeves.

I moved the printer off the top of my desk and put it underneath.

So now I have a clean desktop and I. am. in. love!

I moved a lamp from another place to put on the desk.  And it's plugged into the outlet that is turned on with the switch by the door...SCORE!  I plan to add a shelf above the monitor and want to add a few decorative touches.
But I have a problem...
See thoses cords...I can't move them...any ideas on how to hide them??

So here's another look...

So what do you think?  Any ideas of how to hide those cords? 

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  1. there is a cord cover made out of fabric and they have REAL cute designs!

  2. Maybe a framed picture propped up on the desk to cover the cords. I like Heather's idea, too :)

    It looks really nice. I love organizing baskets!!

  3. Rachel - Thanks so much for linking this up to my Organizing Mission link party! You have made some great changes! Love the little 3 drawer baskets! You have a great corner for shelves, but being in an apartment that might not be something you could do.
    As for the cords, I'm interested to know where the cord covers that Heather mentioned are.
    You mentioned you can't move the cords... can you notch out a small enough place on the desk to pull them down & behind the desk so most of the cord is underneath?

  4. Wanted to let you know I just saw this on the Ikea web site. Something a little different.

    Cable organiser


    It isn't giving a specific url when I'm on that page.. so here is the info to find it.


  5. Here's a link that Heather sent me with the cord covers.

    I could move the cords behind the desk but that would involve me unscrewing the L brackets on the desk top...I'll do it if I have to, but was hoping to find an easier solution...just me being lazy...haha!

  6. Wow! Great job! Don't you just love a clean and organized desk space? Have a great weekend!! Angie xo

  7. Rachel, I wanted to let you know that I am featuring your blog post on my Organizing Mission Monday tomorrow! Please stop by and pick up your "I'm Proud to Be Featured On Organizing Mission Monday" button.

  8. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday. I love your storage unit from Ross. I've hidden cords by proping a picture in front of them.

  9. Great job Rachel! It looks fantastic!!!! I love the little wicker baskets and and the super cute liner for the drawers! Come do mine next! haha

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. Since you will eventually put up shelving, you can put cord "gutters" under the shelving to take the cords from your computer up and over (these are placed under the shelving and won't be visible). Then use the cord sleeves to make it look nice on their path back down the wall.

  11. Actually, it does look like a mini office! With your organisation ideas and makeover strategies, one can truly have a productive day at work! :)

  12. Now, that's what we call a smashing makeover! Clutter is gone (nice drawer basket you got there!), lighting has definitely improved, and the room is well-arranged. And you have a cute kitty there.

  13. I really like basket and drawers of your office. You really decor well. I like your office.


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