2013 Classroom Tour

So I have a disclaimer because my classroom is nowhere near ready in my opinion.  It was the end of the day yesterday...I was tired and hot...so I apologize for the picture quality.  I hope to take better pictures and share them when it's all finished.  So here we go...

 Looking in from the door
My Social Studies board!
 Schedule & Calendar
 My desk & small group table
 Close up of my desk
 teacher wall
 Book box shelf, supply drawers, and Data Folders
 How We Get Home Chart, Behavior Chart (still needs a heading), Rules 
 Happy Birthday Chart & Turn In Bins
 Math Centers & Science wall
 Computer Area
 Math Wall and Picture Books
Chapter book area
 Looking from windows to door
 We are getting tables to replace all of our old desks this year!  So I decide to go ahead and be prepared for the lack of space.  The drawers will hold notebooks and textbooks for each class.  Of course supply baskets on top.
 View from my table.  Gosh, the walls look so bare.  Soon they will be filled with anchor charts and songs!
Speaking of songs...I made containers (idea totally stolen from The Third Wheel's gift she sent!) to hold the Popsicle sticks that have our songs written on them.

 Seriously...not finished...and bad pictures...again I apologize.  I promise I'll take better ones when I'm not rushing!  Have a great day and stay tuned to more Teacher Week '13!

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  1. Your room looks AWESOME!

    We don't start until after Labor Day so my room is still in a state of flux. Your pictures have given me some good ideas. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. I like your teacher wall. It is set up so cute. Also I am really digging the bright chevron rug. Where did you find it at?



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