Setting Up Math Workshop

Hey, Y'all!  I'm finally here with how I'm setting up my math workshop this year!  This is my first year doing math workshop, so it's taken a while to get going.  And to be honest...I still don't have all rotations up and running yet. 

I started out with Amy from Step into Second Grade's Let's Get Started {Beginning of Year Math Activities} lesson on Toys or Tools!
This was a great lesson because the students were really able to understand that we don't "play" with our math materials.

I also did the Math Tools Exploration from the same packet to help students understand the different types of tools we use.
It's a great packet that I highly recommend.  You can pick it up here at Amy's TpT Store!

I'm using Tara from 4th Grade Frolic's Math Rotations to organize my workshop this year.  You can pick that up at Tara's TpT store! I totally forgot to take a picture of it!  I'll put it on Instagram tomorrow if you want to follow me! 

So we've set up our 
Hands On Rotation
Math Facts Rotation
At Your Seat Rotation
I tried to add in the Teacher Time Rotation on Monday, but the kids in the other groups were not quite ready for that, so we are back to just the 3.  Hopefully, next week we can get that up and running because I'm itching to work with my small groups.


  1. It certainly looks like you're off to a good start! (I always enjoy seeing a post from A Tall Drink of Water appear in my Google reading area!)
    Crafting Connections

  2. It's definitely important to get all the others working well without your redirection before pulling groups! Your sanity depends on it! :-P Thanks for linking up!


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