Back in the Groove

I just finished my first week back after Christmas Break!  
I went by fast, so I have no complaints!
Here are some highlights from this week.
Monday morning the kids were so quiet!
Must have been the late nights or sugar hangover.
We made goals for 2014 with a foldable.
The original idea came from The Tattooed Teacher.
I changed it to fit my class's needs.
I know many of you had snow days extending your break!  
Here in SC, we had a 2-hour delay for the frigid temperatures!
It was 18 degrees with a windchill of 8! 
That's crazy for us!  We wear flip flops year round!

I gave a homework assignment to see what my students remembered about animal adaptations!
They remembered so much more than I expected! Yay!
I blew out the heels in my Danskos!
It's crazy how they just fell apart like that....well...maybe not, they are 7 years old.
Maybe I just walk weird!
We did a graphic organizer about our national, state, and local governments.  
We put them in our Social Studies notebooks. 

I hope you're enjoying your Friday night!


  1. You got a two hour weather delay for 18????? That's NOT fair! We were at 19 and we had to go....on time. I hear ya about the flip flops year round. I miss my Rainbows something fierce. On a positive note...I'm getting my money out of my UGGs. I can't wait for all the Spring Breakers to show up wearing their skimping bathing suits while I'm still all bundled up. It cracks me up every year. Happy Weekend!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Love the frozen fountain! That's definitely something we don't see to often here in the Low Country. Isn't it great when your kiddos retain what you've worked so hard to teach them! Looks like there was lots of great learning going on in your classroom this week!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade


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