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Happy Friday Eve!!
I wanted to share with y'all today how I'm trying to add more interactive elements to my notebooks.
I've already posted about my social studies notebooks here.
When I joined the third grade team two years ago, they already had Science and SS notebooks in place.  So being a good team member, I jumped on the wagon and did what they were already doing.  As the interactive notebooks have really taken a leap, especially in the blogging world, I thought I'd give it a go!

Here's a look at our covers.  I found this great website called Doodle Art Alley.  They have cute pages for each subject.  I just printed two to a page so they would fit the composition notebooks.  I then used packing tape to cover it so it would last longer.
 Just like with our SS notebooks, we have our table of contents.
 This are what we've always done for notes.  Students would fill in key words for each topic and then draw a picture to go with what they learned.  To be quite's just rather boring.
 Then earlier this year, I tried having students highlight the important information.  This certainly took the engagement up a notch...but not where it needs to be.
 Then I tried interactive notes!  Here you can see foldables for vocabulary & types of rocks
 The kids were so much more engaged!  They told me they that taking notes was so much better this way!  Score!
  Now after taking these pictures, I realized we need to add titles to the pages and maybe a little color.  But I definitely know I will be moving this direction with all of our notes.  
I decided to take it slow...since we are entering crunch time for state testing.  I'm going to focus mostly on Science for this year for two reasons.  The first being is there are so many interactive notebooking already created for our science topics.  This one is from the fabulous Jessica from I{Heart}Recess!  You can check it out here in her TpT store. The second reason, is that our SS curriculum is South Carolina history.  So it's very specific.  Although I teach major topics such as Explorers, Revolutionary War, Civil War...they are all based on SC's involvement.  There's not as many resources available.  I will just need more time to prepare...hello summer project!

If your interested in learning more about interactive notebooks, I HIGHLY recommend Erin's post on the basics.  While you're there check out the other blogs who linked up on making learning more interactive!


  1. Your interactive notebooks look awesome! I love that Doodle Art site too! Happy Friday Eve!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. I have not ventured into science interactive notebooks yet - but can see how they would be super helpful for vocab. and processes for sure. Yours look great! Good luck with that summer project :)

  3. Hey Rachel,
    Interactive note taking really does change note taking! They really are so much more engaged! And, hopefully they remember it better too!! :O) I love seeing how you are applying this in your classroom!!
    Collaboration Cuties

  4. Your interactive notebooks look great! I purchased a interactive notebook foldable collection on TPT and it really helped me make mine more interactive.

  5. I purchased Erin's interactive notebook set. I have also purchased a few others on TpT. I really like the idea. I have just started kinda' using them here and there this year. I hope to really start off from the beginning using them next year. Your notebooks look great. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!!!!


  6. I love that you and your kids are enjoying interactive notebooks!

    I {Heart} Recess

  7. Interactive notebooks are the BEST! Last year I dabbled in interactive math notebooks. This year I decided to incorporate them for all subject areas. The best part is when my students refer back to them.

    Nicole Shelby's TPT store has some amazing Reading and Language interactive notebooks (she has all the grade levels).

    Fifth Grade Wit and


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