Spring is Here!

It's Friday!!
Which means it's time for
This is a great weekend to live in Charleston!!!
It's our kickoff to spring!!
We have the 37th Annual Cooper River Bridge Run
Tons of people in town for this!!
I did it two years ago!
We also have our Flowertown Festival in Summerville!
The azaleas are blooming and the streets will be filled with people and vendors!
And the weather is going to be mid 70's!
 With all the wonderful things happening in town....I'm headed to Charlotte, NC!
Just a little day trip with my mom and sister-in-love to
My mom and sis-in-love both have reasons to go.  
My parents are building their dream home.
(By the way...you should check out my mom's blog to see the progress and leave her some love!)
And my sister-in-love and brother just moved into their first house.
As for me...I'm just along for the ride, but I know I won't leave empty handed!
 We've been working hard on Geometry these last couple of weeks!  
Here we are using pattern blocks to combine shapes to make new ones!
I promise to blog about the great things we've been learning soon!
 We are loving our iPads!!
We got 6 at the beginning of March.
We've watched a lot of Brain Pop videos!
We've made iMovies!
And we've learned how to use Keynote!
I have planned several posts to share more of what we've been doing.
Baseball Season is here!!
I love baseball!
It's in my blood!
I spent every Saturday of my childhood at the baseball fields watching my brothers play.
I love throwing it on tv to watch while I multitask!
 I love going to our local minor league games!
I mean who doesn't enjoy watching the sun set on the river while watching a ballgame?!
I'm super excited about our field trip to the Riverdogs game for Educational Day on Wednesday!
Hope your weekend is as fabulous as you are!!


  1. I am so jealous that you are going to Ikea. I have never been to one. It's on my bucket list though. Heading over to see the progress on the dream house. Which Major League team do you love???
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. What?! IIkea? I'm so jealous. Wish I was tagging along. Hope you find lots of great things. Hope you have fun on your field trip. Visiting the Riverdogs sounds like fun!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade


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