Summer Planning

Hello friends!
Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!
It's Monday Made-It Time with giveaway at the bottom!
I'm super stoked that it's almost summer!
And that we will have these parties every Monday!
Or am I the only one who spends hours checking out all the craftiness?

So my to-do lists usually look like this!
Especially during the summer!
I end up having them all over the place, on a bunch of different pieces of paper, or in a bunch of different notebooks!
Well I'm determined not to let my summer be wasted this year.
My plan is to have all my lists in a centralized location.
 And maybe....just maybe my summer will be more productive!
In order to do that, I created this beauty.
I've already started filling in my calendar.
It's it me or do your days fill up fast?
 I started writing down my goals.
Now hopefully my mind won't continue to race of things I want to do this summer!
 I've even started planning out some projects.
Well mostly TpT projects, but I know the rest will fill up soon!
 To keep things moving, I created multiple to-do lists.
I love, love, love a weekly to-do list!
It keeps me focused.
The daily to do list will come in handy on those busy days of summer!
 I also have a morning, afternoon, and night to do list.
Because, well sometimes my lazy self needs to really break it down!
Honestly, when I made this it was all for me!
I made it based on how I function.
Then I thought, maybe someone else needs this too!
I'm sure there is someone out there that needs to be majorly organized in order to get anything done.
Especially during the summer!
The internet and tv can really suck me in!

You could WIN a copy!!
Pin any of the images above, copy the URL, and paste it the comments.
Make sure you leave your email if you are not a blogger.
I will email TWO winners a copy tomorrow!!


  1. What a great idea, Rachel! I love the design!

  2. You are a woman after my own heart! One of my favorite things in life is checking things off a to-do list. Yours are just much cuter than mine!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  3. Such fun colors and graphics. This would be great to help me stay organized over the summer!

    Elementary School Garden

  4. I have to write everything down too Rachel! I like it all laid out in front of me! Do you add things on your list and then cross them off your list if they weren't there to begin with to feel like you accomplished more??? I do! LOL!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  5. I totally need to do this! I always think I'm going to get so much more done, but then I find other things to do. Would love to win this! And I'm your partner for Slant Box this month, so I just emailed ya!

    A Teaspoon of Teaching

  6. What a cute way to keep organized! Love it :)
    Pinkadots Elementary


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