Currently Two for Tuesday

Happy July Friends!!
And Happy Canada Day to my friends up north!!

It's hard to believe that we're half way through 2014!

Since it's the beginning of July it's time to share what I'm currently doing?
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Friends!! If you're surprised then you haven't been reading my blog and you should read this post ASAP!
I just saw a commercial that Kid President is getting his on tv show on Hub Network!  He's awesome!
My nephew turns 2 on Sunday and will be here to celebrate!  Mom and I are going shopping today for him and I don't know what I want to get him yet!
I am such a Harry Potter nerd!  I want to go to Diagon Alley so bad!  I'm seriously looking into it!
I want to change the colors in my classroom.  Well,  I think so...see this is why I need to make a decision!
4th Plans:
I love spending time with my parents!  And I love spending time with them at their new house!!

It's also Two for Tuesday!
Two of my products are 50% off today!
They are $1.50 each!
This is the lowest they will ever be!
In fact, I'm raising the price on these soon because I've added so much to them since I first listed them!
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Enjoy your day!!
**This is my 100th post!**


  1. Kid President is getting a TV Show!!! I love him! Just as excited as you are :) Also, classroom colors….I was going to redecorate my classroom over the summer, but decided not to, but I was thinking lime green and pink! I don't know or care if it's overused, but I think it's an awesome combination!! Happy decorating :)

    This Little Ladybug

    1. Thanks Kendra! I totally believe that it's your room and whatever makes you happy is what you should do!!

  2. Kid President is getting a TV show!? That's pretty awesome! I totally hear you on the room updates and changes...I'm having a hard time choosing what to do myself. Enjoy your holiday!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  3. 100th post!! Congrats!! Oh, Friends--love summer and Friends marathons.

  4. Kid President is pure awesome! I love his Be Awesome one. I showed it to my class last Fall. I hope you had a great day!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  5. I seriously love love love that you love watching Friends so much! I am addicted as well, and I loved your Friends inspired Positive Thinking Thursday post!!! :) I too want to go visit the new Harry Potter exhibits in Florida. I have watched it a lot on the Today Show and I wish that I would go this summer!! Have a happy 4th.
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  6. Changing colors is too much work. I'm sticking with what I have until I retire! Lol! I love Kid President. I would watch him everyday!!! XOXO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. I love kid president!! He's part of the reason my blog is called Learning to be awesome! Hope you had an awesome Canada day!

    learning to be awesome

  8. Kid President is starting his own show! Love it! I tend to change my classroom theme a very three or four years. It can get so expensive! Last year I changed to some bright colors...aqua, lime green, pink. My kiddos loved it.

    Fifth Grade Wit and

  9. Congrats on 100 posts! Go girl! I love Kid President and I did not know he was getting a show too cool! I have lime green and turquoise in my room with animal prints of zebra and cheetah. It's a Kindergarten "Jungle". It is a little over the top but I love it and the kids did too this last year, so I am not changing just adding a few more things. My son is a huge Harry Potter fan and if I wasn't so far away I am sure he would beg to go and see the new exhibit.

    Luv My Kinders

  10. TV show?!?! I'm so excited to hear this news. Do you know when it is coming out? Love him! I was going to go with a nautical theme for my classroom this year, but I got a big box of goodies from Creative Teaching Press for being an exclusive blogger, and there's just too many non-nautical things that I can't just not use them! So it will be a modge podge of color again this year I think!

    Thriving in 3rd


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