Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

I'm linking up with Tara to share a few Made-Its from my nephew's 2nd birthday party last week!
The first made-it is the banner!
I dusted off my silhouette and made some Mickey heads.
If you'd like the pattern, click here.
 I then cut out the letters using the font HelloHotDiggity from the fabulous Jen Jones!  Are you singing the song? "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!"
You can get her fonts here at her TpT store.
 I think the letters look so "Disney"!!
I didn't take pictures of this, but I punched holes on both ears of each Mickey head.  I tied red ribbon (I would've used yellow too, but I didn't have any) to connect each piece.
I just traced one of the heads on red construction paper for the spacer.
The table set up was super easy!
Just a black plastic table cloth, red plates, yellow napkins & forks.
A simple Mickey doll and tissue poms!
(My mom actually made the poms...love you mom!!)
There are tons of instructions out there on how to make them on Pinterest.
But here is the one I use.
We used red and blue plastic serving dishes.

The goodie bags turned out SO cute!
They were just black paper bags.
I didn't get a close up shot of the purple one :(
 Take make the ears, I just traced a plastic cup and taped them on.
My sister-in-love, Lisa cut construction paper and taped it on the bottom.
I traced a water bottle cap to make the polka dots.
My mom drew some bow and I used white paint and a q-tip to make the dots on the bows!
 Didn't they turn out so cute?!!!
Lisa picked up a bunch of Mickey Mouse themed goodies from the dollar store.
So this next one is not technically decor, but it's just a cute!
My nephew has an egg allergy so we couldn't do a typical cake.
Instead we made cookies!
Well, I just took the pictures.
Lisa made the cookies.
She first dipped the oreos in red chocolate and let them cool.
 Then she used yellow chocolate to make a "V" on the wax paper.
Placed the big oreo on top and connected the small oreos using more yellow chocolate.
Back in the fridge to cool some more. 
They were quite tasty too!!
 We wanted the cookie with the candle to stand, so we just made a puddle of chocolate.  This was the only close up I took.
We decided to take the star candles out and give it ears.
"If you've got ears, say cheers!"
You can sort of see it here!
That's it!!
Simple yet cute and fun!!
Be sure to check out the link up for more awesome Made-Its!!


  1. Awww, I love it all! It reminded me of my sons 1st birthday party, which was Mickey themed!

  2. So SO CUTE!!!! Every single thing! You definitely deserve an "Aunt of the Year" award! Also, HelloHotDiggety is one of my favorite fonts, too!

  3. Rachel this is so adorable and what a FUN MONDAY MADE IT!!


  4. Oh my goodness....ADORABLE...ALL of it. What a fun party for sweet little Tyler! Your family makes a great crafting and party planning team! XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. What a super cute theme!! Way to go on the decorations!!!


  6. What a cute party! I love the cookies, so adorable!

  7. I love all of this!!! The bags and cookies are too cute but simple enough to create. I love a birthday party theme and this one is original - thanks for sharing!!

  8. SO cute... Everything that you made for the party is adorable!!!

  9. So sweet Rachel. This was my first time to your awesome blog and WOW! you are creative! Thanks for sharing!

    :) Shelley

    The Write Stuff Teaching


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