Where it all goes down!

I made it through the first day!
I'm so tired!
And my feet hurt!
But it was a GREAT day!!

Are you ready for day 2 of Teacher Week?
Beware for picture overload!!
Without further ado...here is my classroom for this year!
 This is looking in from my door.
New table signs!
I'm in love!
 Still looking in from the door.
Straight ahead view
 This is the view to the right.
 Our Command Center complete with emergency cards, fire escape plan, and PAWS Expectations (our schools' behavior plan).
 I only have 2 bulletin boards in my room.
Thank goodness 3 out of my 4 walls are magnetic!!
This spot is reserved for our Class Shared Vision!
 Here's our daily schedule.
I used two pocket charts from the Dollar Spot at Target.
You can get the schedule cards for free here and the time cards here.
 Our clock with the cute clock labels form Molly Maloy!
Pick them up here in her store!
 Our calendar area
 Our special area schedule
 Our agenda and objectives board
 In 3rd grade, we learn all about South Carolina History!
We start with the 6 regions of our state.
 Here's one computer station along with our class set of iPads cart!!
 This is where we will track our class goals!
 Our number line from here and
our alphabet from Ladybug Files here
 This is a look at the front of our room.
I try to keep most of the walls blank to add anchor charts and student work as we learn it throughout the year.
 Here's my new crate seats!
Can't wait to use these!
 I only have one shelf of books this year!
I decided not to put all my books out since I'm not teaching reading.
I kept all our math, science, and Social Studies books!
 This will be our math centers.
It's still a work in progress!
 Our clip chart from A Cupcake for the Teacher.
Grab it free from her store!
 My huge storage cabinet!
The banner in the middle says "Code of Cooperation"
I will post it there once it's created.
Student files and team baskets
 The back door has our birthday posters.
Just waiting on pictures!
 Our data notebooks and folders sitting on the back counter.
 My small group table and back counter.
This is the view from my small group table.
 Pencil and Lost Property buckets
Our bathroom door with the wreath I made last year!
 Turn In Bins for both my classes.
Those carts hold math manipulatives and teaching tools I use for small groups.
 My desk area and other computer station
 Our Brag Tag board!
 Lots of colorful organization!
 A pennant banner with my name!
 My desk!
Sorry it's messy!
This is the view from my desk.
 I use this cart to hold students supplies!
It also holds our Thursday folder basket.
 Student cubbies and book bag hooks
Remember my flower boxes?!
 My classroom door!
I made it with washi tape!!
Hope you enjoyed the look around.
The walls will soon be filled with lots of learning!
Until tomorrow!


  1. Rachel, what a beautiful classroom! Thank you for sharing all of those amazing pictures. School is two weeks away for us, so no pics from me...yet! Best of luck in the new school year :)
    I found you in the Teaching Blog Circle! So glad I did. I shared your post on Facebook today-those pics are too cute not to share!

    :) Tracey
    The Teacher’s Chair
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  2. I love everything about your classroom! I especially love the things hanging from the ceiling!

  3. Where did you get the decor to label the tables? So cute! A team member has tissue paper balls, and I don't want to copy her exactly :o) Those would be perfect with the color label I have!

  4. Your classroom looks WONDERFUL! I love all of the special touches. You can tell you worked hard on it all!

  5. I love your table signs and washi tape door! We were asked to take our signs down last year...sadness!

    A Teaspoon of Teaching


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