Classroom Reveal Time!!

Yay!  I love peeking into other classrooms!!
I'm excited to bring you my classroom today!
But first can we have a little #realtalk
My room is not finished!
It's the 3rd week of school and I'm still not finished!
Changing schools is no joke and I just had to prioritize!
Learning before Decorating!!
At my new school,
(which by the way...I LOVE!)
Each classroom has a theme!
I was so excited to learn I got to pick my theme!
We are the MIGHTY LIONS!
How cute is this?!?
 Now this is a great way to be greeted every morning!
This is the view from the door!
Look at all that natural light!
I love my windows!
I added a little vinyl to my Target Dollar Spot buckets!
 All of our chapter books are lined up on this little shelf!
It's the perfect height for kids to search for a new book!
Our student work display
('s missing its title!)
 Our book boxes!
 The calendar is posted above these drawers, 
so this is where we keep all our pieces.
 Our student of the week gets to take our mascot home on the weekend.
The students named him Simba.
I wanted an L name like Leo or Liam the Lion.
But I was out voted!
Good thing I'm a fan of Disney and the Lion King!
 Our schedule that I change each day.
The cards are available in my TpT store for FREE!
One of my two bulletin boards!
 I love the layered look of the borders!
(Shh...there's nothing on this board!  LOL)
My new Ikea rugs and $15 easel!!
I am in love with them!
My crate seats from last year!
And my mom painted my stool that I had forever!
I was over the moon excited to find out I would have a projector to use!!
I went from having a smartboard, document camera, and one to one ipads to ONE classroom desktop computer!  It was technology shock!
But I can do anything with this projector!
My second board!
I do have an anchor chart posted!
 My class library area!
All my picture books are organized by genre.
I used Ladybug Teacher Files Ready 2 Number Library Labels
My READ sign from several years ago.
And Ikea lamps are just adorbs!
My little reading nook!
(Shh...I still don't have a rug for this area)
Striped Ikea pillows!
I die!
More of the library with our book hospital basket.
This basket is a life saver.
I don't have kids bringing books with pages falling out at all times!
The other basket is for books that need to be filed correctly.
( doesn't have a label yet)
 Here's an across the room shot of my library and teacher area.
My mom made the curtains!
I helped a little!
She's the bomb dot com!
Here's a close up of the word art!
 My command center shelf!
 Teacher Toolbox that I revamped with Teach Create Motivate labels!
 I made these drawers several years ago and I love them!
 These little buckets are so helpful during the day!
 The word art above my shelf.
I would show you my desk area, but it's a hot mess and a true work in progress!
So not today! #sorrynotsorry
I have this amazing closet!!
Practically all my teaching stuff that I moved from my old school fit in here!
Our supply pouches for our extra supplies!
Wall decor between the closet and bathroom!
This makes me smile, everyday!!
One more shot cause I love it that much!
I hope you had fun peeking into my home away from home!


  1. I love those rugs! They would match my theme perfectly!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

  2. What a lovely room! I love the mighty lions theme and I'm very excited to hear that you love your new school! Wishing you a wonderful, positive experience the whole year through!

    Mrs O Knows

  3. I love your classroom! I wish I was as creative! I happened to come across your page from another blog and saw that you were also a third grade teacher from S. Carolina!!!

    Your blog is awesome and I love organization of your room (especially the cabinet). Happy blogging and teaching!


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