Easy Holiday Cookies

Are you looking for easy cookies to make this holiday season?
Then you've come to the right place!
Honestly, I love baking!
Unfortunately, the best time of the year to bake also happens to be the busiest!!
This recipe will save you tons of time, and you'll still have great tasting cookies to give away or take to a party!
Easy Chocolate Chip Double Doozie Cookies perfect for holiday parties and potluck at school!

First pick up some ready to bake cookies, a can of frosting, and some sprinkles!
Now you can certainly make homemade cookies in this recipe, 
but remember I'm trying to save some time!
To add a little "holiday" to the cookies, put some sprinkles on top before baking.
Make sure cookies are completely cooled before doing the next step!
After cooling, add frosting between two cookies to make a "sandwich".
Roll edges of cookies in sprinkles to add more holiday excitement!
By the way, whipped icing is not necessary but it is fluffier and easier to spread!!
Refrigerate cookies afterward, to set the frosting.
They don't need to stay refrigerated, unless you like them that way!
Click the picture above for a printable version of the recipe.
Happy Baking!!


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