Teachers Love All the Things!!

I am in love!
I am in love with everything!
I love flair pens!
I love Target!
I love my family!
I love chocolate!
I love my phone!
I love my students!

Love is so commonly used and has so many levels of meaning!!
February, of course, is the month of love!
I have a lot to love this month too!
I had a girls' weekend away this past weekend!
I'm going to a Garth Brooks concert!!
Winter break is next week!!
Love, love, love, love, love!!!
That's what I'm sharing with you today!
I'm linking up with 2 ladies that I absolutely LOVE!
And since you're here...online...let's talk about the things we love online!
I mean seriously!
All of these amazing educators in one place sharing all of their knowledge!!
What's not to love?!
If you've never heard of iteachtvnetwork, 
then you must get over there and check out all the amazingness!
Facebook groups!
If you're not in a Facebook group, you are missing out!
The All About Third group is happening with ideas all over the place for 3rd-grade teachers!
And if you don't teach 3rd, there are groups for each grade! Just search for them! 
Or ask me and I'll help you find them!
The Teacher Entrepreneur Group is a wonderful place to learn all about 
being a teacher and running a business!
And of course, #Teacherpreneur Tribe
Teach Happy Membership is a community of teachers from all over the world spreading happiness and supporting each other!  
Sheila Jane is our cheerleader and I love the support I get from everyone in membership!!  
Even though this is not a free resource, it is worth every penny!  
I love my #thmpide!!
I seriously could go on and on about all the things I love online!
I also love creating quotes!
It's my new favorite thing to do!  
I wish I could do this all day, every day!
I'd love to give you some classroom posters with my favorite quotes!
Sign up for my newsletter and I'll send them to you!!
So...what are you loving this month??

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