Design Terms of Service


Please understand that I am a full time teacher, and while I absolutely adore my job here at RachBV Design, I am a teacher first.  I will do my best to reply to your email within 48 hours. At this time, I only design for Blogger.

DRAFTS & Revisions

Your design is created based on your design questionnaire, so please be as specific as possible.  When your header design is ready, I will send you a proof.  Please request any design changes at this time before I have created the other design elements.
Custom Designs include reasonable revisions throughout the design process.  I will change any part of your design PRIOR to the approval of the design header.  Once the header is approved, and I begin creating other elements, changes will incur additional fees at the hourly rate of $30/hr.
Once a design has been installed on the client's site, only minor revisions will be made (changing of color of links, or the font for post dates/titles, etc.).  Any changes that require revision of the design images or HTML coding will incur additional fees at the hourly rate, with a minimum charge of one hour.

HOurly Rate

The rate for all hourly work is $30/hour, and is billed in 30 minute increments with a minimum charge of one hour.  Holiday and/or urgent work will require additional payment at time and a half.


I uphold the copyright of photographers, clip art designers, and other blog and logo designers as well. By sending me graphics or fonts to use on your order, you agree to take full responsibility for any misuse of copyrighted images and agree to not hold me liable for any misuse of copyrighted images.
Blog and website designs are protected by copyright and property of RachBV Design. Any images, coding, or other design elements are not to be shared, copied, or altered, or used outside of the blog design.
Logos become the property of the client and the client retains complete rights to that logo.


Any and all personal information will be kept private between the customer and RachBV Design.
For blog designs, I will need you to add me as an administrator to your blog/website, which you can do on your Blogger dashboard under “Settings”. I will not login to your Google account to access your Blog, so please be sure to add me as an administrator. 


I will place an attribution link at the bottom of each blog design giving credit to RachBV Design.
By purchasing from RachBV Design, you are agreeing to leave the link on the bottom of your blog until ALL elements of the purchased design have been removed.


Because I am not in the business of working for free, I will not issue a full refund once any services have been rendered. You will be charged a deposit; see below for details.
Please allow up to one week to receive your refund via Paypal.
For maintenance packages, due to the nature of this service NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.
For blog designs, refunds are available as follows:
-If you have been placed on my wait list and I have NOT begun working on your design, and you decide not to have me design your blog/website, you may be refunded the total you paid.
-If I have begun working on your design but have not yet sent you images to view, you may be refunded up to half of the total you paid, minus a $50 deposit fee.
-If I have begun working on your design and have sent you a preview, I generally do not provide refunds. If there is a problem, please email me and we can figure something out.

REVISIONS After Completion

I keep a file of your card, logo, or blog/website design elements of the design. You may contact me for revisions, at a fee of $15 per edit for 14 days after completion.
Blog/website designs are not to be edited or altered in any way unless the entire design coding is removed.
I am not responsible for mistakes made by the blog/website owner in attempts to edit coding.
Please DO NOT attempt to edit or remove parts of coding yourself, and email me if you need a change made.
Blog owners absolutely DO have permission to add or edit text, gadget location, photos, and widgets in the footer and sidebar!


For blog/website designs, you MUST back up your original design before we begin the design process. I will help walk you through it if you don’t know how, but I cannot be responsible for elements lost in the process of creating your new design. Please email me if you need assistance backing up your site.


I accept PayPal only at this time. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may order from the website and pay with a credit card.
In order to be placed on the wait list, I do require a $25 deposit for maintenance packages and a $50 deposit for blog design packages. This is to ensure that I’m only reserving days for serious clients who do intend on getting a design or maintenance package.
For scheduling blog designs, it is a strictly first come, first served basis. If I email you a tentative date and you do not purchase before someone else does, that date becomes theirs and you will move to the next available day.
I ask that you please treat me with the same respect you would expect. Please remember that I am a person; I reserve the right to refuse to work with you if you don’t interact with me in a way that conveys respect, and that you may not be issued a refund at that point, even if services have not been fully rendered.

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